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Custom House Agents in Delhi

Custom House Agents (CHA) are professionals who provide services for getting shipments cleared at the customs stations. They act on behalf of importers or exporters, to handle the logistics and legalities of import and export transactions.

Services provided by custom house agents include:

Preparation of Documents: CHA prepare shipping and customs documents such as the shipping bill, bill of entry, packing list, etc

Payment of Duties and Taxes: They calculate and make payments for duties, taxes, and other charges on behalf of the client.

Compliance with Regulations: They ensure compliance with all customs, port, and health regulations related to cargo transportation.

Cargo Inspection: They organize the inspection of cargo by customs officials, and handle any issues that may arise

Shipment Tracking: They track shipments and provide updates to the client about the shipment’s status

Handling Disputes: CHA help in resolving disputes with customs authorities, and manage the appeal process if required

Consultation: They provide consultation to clients on matters such as product classification, applicable duties, tax rates, import and export restrictions, etc.

Logistic Management: CHA also handle the logistics of transporting the cargo from the port to the client’s warehouse or premises

Arranging Insurance: Some CHA can arrange for insurance coverage for the shipments, if required by the client.

Custom house agents in Delhi are individuals or businesses that specialize in helping importers and exporters get their goods cleared via customs processes. These agents ensure compliance with rules and regulations by being well-versed in the intricate paperwork and regulations needed to clear goods through customs.

They handle paperwork, tariff classifications, duty payments, and other procedures involved in the clearance process, liaising between importers/exporters and customs officials.

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